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Blog  ·  October 14 2022

15+ Fall Photo Location Ideas to Inspire You

It’s Fall Photo Season!

We’ve had an extended summer here in the Pacific Northwest, that’s giving us all extra time to get our fall photos completed before the weather shifts. You may be thinking that you’ve missed your opportunity, but now is a perfect time!

These early weeks of autumn in western Washington are the best time of year for capturing photos whether you’re getting ready for the holiday season and need photos for cards to mail out, are updating your gallery wall, or maybe you just added a furry new friend to your pack and you’d like them included. Whether you’re a family, couple, friends, or solo, fall photos are for everyone!

Read below to see the locations we think would be great spots for photos that are more than just pumpkin patches.

Point Defiance Park

This 760-acre park offers a bevy of opportunities for photo ops. The duck pond is surrounded by maple trees, the native plant garden is full of greenery, the Japanese Garden, and the Pagoda, and many trails deeper in the park that offer lots of woodsy, moss and fern backdrops.

Owen Beach

Also within Point Defiance Park is the newly renovated Owen Beach. Take photos on the shore with the sandy pebbles between your toes, with Vashon Island in the background, or take a stroll along the promenade where the leaves are changing colors and Mt. Rainier is in the background.

Dune Peninsula & Point Ruston

The possibilities are endless here! The Wilson Way Bridge overlooks everything, so you get a peek of water in the background. Try something fun and different by using the chutes and ladders. Pose in front of the tall grasses giving a wheat field effect, check out the rock stairs for a staggering option if you’ve got a big group + the other many park features.

Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

The Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife preserve. There are boardwalks leading through the refuge, tree-lined boardwalks, and a barn.

Pioneer Park in Puyallup

Located in downtown Puyallup, this two-acre park benches, a grassy area, a pavilion, and some unique statues.

Loyalty Park in Sumner

Sumner’s oldest park is a popular place for picnics, featuring the most and largest trees of all the Sumner parks - big, beaming Maple Trees.

Knutson Farm in Sumner

The Patch is open are waiting for your fall photo ops! Check out the vintage farm truck loaded up with pumpkins and corn stalks, stroll through the corn maze, pose with a bale of hay, or check out the flower fields.

DeCoursey Park in Puyallup

DeCoursey Park is such a unique and cool space! It’s on 7 acres and includes two ponds, two piers, and the cutest creek bed that runs through the park, with ducks everywhere.

Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail is a mostly paved non-motorized rail trail in east Pierce County so it’s the perfect location for chill vibes and fewer crowds. There’s lots of opportunity with the river beds, bridges, and walkways to snap photos.

Gig Harbor Parks

Sunrise Beach Park, Donkey Creek Park, and the Skansie Brothers Park have lots of fall foliage and water views.

Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park is Lakewood’s largest park. At 340 acres, there is plenty of snap-worthy opportunities. The playground offers the most unique vintage structures, there’s a rustic old red barn, a walkway around the pond, and lots of trails.

Sunnyside Beach Park & Steilacoom Area

With water views, the ferry dock, and stunning sunsets in this cute little town there’s so much opportunity here!

Wright Park and Conservatory

Wright Park is a 27-acre arboretum and public park with the most massive maple trees. Check out the pond with a calming fountain, the bridge passing over the pond, and the newly reopened conservatory.

Chambers Creek Regional Park

The Chambers Creek Regional Park offers a lot of grassy space and unique structures, all along the beach and train tracks.

Pumpkin Patches and Farms

Picha Farms, Maris Farms, Sterino Farms, Mosby Farms, Carpinito Bros, Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze, Spooner Farms, Schilter Farms, the Rutledge Corn Maze and more offer not just pumpkin patches, but many have sunflower farms too if you’re going for a different fall vibe.

Browns Point Lighthouse Park

Located in North East Tacoma, the waterfront park with a restored lightkeeper’s cottage offers an attractive area for photos.

Roegner Park in Auburn

Take in the changing leaves on the trees along the trails of the Roegner Park.