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I'm Erin Ortega, and my life is a beautiful blend of family, community, and personal passions.

Born in Texas but raised in Washington, I have gained a love for the seasons and outdoors that the Pacific Northwest provides. Moving from a large city in King County to a small town in Pierce County has allowed more time to spend with my family. I learned the value of family early in life with weekly family gatherings, and now, as a mother of five and a devoted wife, those values guide everything I do.

As a former assistant, legal admin and office manager at a private commercial real estate company, my attention to detail lends itself perfectly to the world of residential real estate. Learning this new side of real estate, has me excited to continue to grow with my team while working towards getting my license.

Reading and cooking have always been my biggest passions, each offering a different way to use my creativity. I pour my heart into every meal, often gathering my family and friends around the table to share in the joy of good food and company. Over the last few years, I have started bowling in a league with my husband, I am not good but love getting out of the house and my team loves getting all the pins that come with my handicap.

Family is everything to me, my parents, siblings, husband and children are my pillars of strength and support. Advocating for the Down Syndrome community in Pierce County is a cause close to my heart, driven by my compassion and desire to make a difference in the community so my son can have every opportunity to thrive.

My enthusiasm for life shines through in everything I do, bringing positivity and joy to those around me. I am Erin Ortega—a woman of many passions, a lover of life, and a dedicated advocate for my community.

321 Buddy Fundraising for Down Syndrome in Pierce County
3 years