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Being from the PNW, I spent a majority of my younger years going between Tacoma and Olympia. Having grown up during the 08’ recession I became very aware of the importance of proper care and honesty, having seen my father display those exact qualities in his business. And after spending some time away from home by getting my Bachelors at Willamette University I decided to head back to Tacoma.

The motto I prescribe is without a community we as individuals lose our way. It’s in this that I pour my energy into growing and encouraging others around me to pursue passions, improve and better their lives. I apply this in real estate to make sure I’m able to put my all into achieving my clients goals and dreams!

If I’m not around working with clients then you’ll find me at one of many tacoma institutions so come join me for some breakfast at Marcia’s Silver spoon, learning a board game at Terracrux or just exploring our wonderful city together.