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Blog  ·  December 16 2020

Black Lives Still Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. It’s really that simple. This is non negotiable for us as the owners of Windermere Abode.

Black Lives Matter is not All Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter is not a political statement.

Black Lives Matter is not a gang.

Black Lives Matter is not Antifa.

Black Lives Matter means BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Think about the response to this movement, for just saying a life matters. Think about the resistance to say the phrase. Think about the history of oppression against black Americans over the course of history. Think about people changing the phrase around to make it fit their ideals.

We acknowledge systemic oppression and racist history of our country that has oppressed black Americans, and we aim to do everything in our power to keep the conversation going, until we see true equality not only in real estate, but across all systems.

We believe black lives matter. It’s really that simple.

We understand the historic role Realtors have played in keeping black people out of home ownership, and the systemic barriers presented via redlining, predatory loan practices, steering, and blockbusting. These policies and informal practices have exacerbated the racial wealth gap, and the home ownership rates between black and white families.

We understand, and we are committed to better serving our community through changes in education, leadership and policy.

If you’re not already familiar, Black Lives Matter became a hashtag in 2012 after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking home from a convenience store and was murdered by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who saw him as a ‘suspicious person’ in his own neighborhood. Eight years later, #blacklivesmatter is at the center of a new civil rights movement.

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