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Blog  ·  March 5 2021

Neighbors In Need - A Year of Supporting the Tacoma Rescue Mission

When the pandemic hit and so much was uncertain, changes hit quickly for the world and our communities. People were rapidly furloughed or lost their jobs all together, thus impacting resources and housing for many. Our office began thinking of ways that we could help community members who were struggling. We created an opportunity for not only ourselves to stay involved with folks, but also to get others involved too.

The Knicely’s had informed us that the Tacoma Rescue Mission had to shut down their hot meal service and switch to a “to-go” format in order to still serve their clients.

Since March of 2020, every Friday at 4:30 PM we’ve collected car loads of sandwiches and snacks for the Tacoma Rescue Mission and invited our fellow community members to join us in our efforts. Word was spread mostly via social media; posting both on our Abode channels and the Abodies sharing on their channels too.

Families, individuals, businesses even whole neighborhoods joined this cause, including Colleen Edwards church group from Gig Harbor. A call out for help on the Nextdoor app caught the attention of the Tacoma Lions Club Rotary. Near and far people have been dropping off homemade sandwiches, bags of fresh fruit, hygiene items, beverages and more. Some Fridays, we were able to donate over 1,000 sandwiches!

The donations provide was a huge blessing to the Tacoma Rescue Mission amid, even still a difficult time. The food we’ve drop off not only provides a meal to those in need, but also opens a door for conversation about help and programs that are available through the Rescue Mission.

When the weather called for colder temps and snow in February, the Tacoma Rescue Mission reached out to us to see if we could sound the alarm for an urgent request of fleece and wool blankets. And my goodness did people come through! People came through so much that we had to use one SUV to fill to the brim with blankets and another with just food.

“As I lifted the hatch on my car yesterday at the mission, Mario beamed as he said “Ah man, this is amazing, these are GOING TO SAVE LIVES tonight!” - LaTosha Thomas who drove around to various stores using cash donations to purchase blankets.

“We love working with the Tacoma Rescue Mission because we have seen the positive impact they make on the lives of the most vulnerable in our community on a daily basis.” - The Knicelys, Ryan Knicely is a Board Member

Basic items are also in need right now too like hygiene supplies, feminine hygiene products, warm socks, wet wipes, travel sized toiletries (no bars of soap please), alcohol free mouth wash, razors and deodorant. If you have any questions, please call 253.383.4493 or email info@trm.org.

At this time, we’ll continue to collect sandwiches and snacks for the Rescue Mission until they’re able to go back to providing meal services.

Thank you for the big and small things you’re doing to help those in our community get through this, we’re all grateful for your continued support & helping our community stay strong and involved.