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Blog  ·  March 15 2024

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

We hope you find this list of suggested Spring chores helpful! Whether you’re contemplating a future sale, engaging in some seasonal spring cleaning, or just aiming to keep your space tidy and organized, maintaining a regular upkeep schedule is key to protecting your home and your investment. Statistics show that well-maintained homes sell faster and for more money, regardless of the market conditions. But even if selling is not on your radar, taking the time to declutter and refresh your living spaces can significantly enhance your home’s comfort and functionality. If you’re considering a slightly bigger project or a remodel, reach out to any of our esteemed agents for more information about our Windermere Ready program.


  • Have your heating/air conditioning system serviced

  • Check putty and weather stripping around windows

  • Change batteries in smoke alarm & carbon monoxide detectors

  • Clean window and door screens

  • Inspect your basement or crawlspace for dampness

  • Examine caulking around sinks, tubs, and showers

  • Inspect chimney for damage and attic for leaks


  • Trim the bushes back from the house at least 18″

  • Look for damaged/sagging gutter components, clean & repair

  • Turn on water to outdoor faucets, check sprinkler heads & test system

  • Power-wash windows, siding and deck

  • Aerate lawn & plant Summer flowering bulbs

  • Check the foundation for any cracks

  • Treat roof and hardscape for moss

  • Have an arborist evaluate and/or prune trees

Make sure your home stays as comfortable and valuable as ever. Here’s to a productive spring and a home that feels just right!