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Blog  ·  May 20 2021

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As you may know, many men, women and children in our community are experiencing homelessness, hunger and hurt. Struggling to survive day to day. Desperately wondering where they will stay the night or how they will feed their kids or themselves.

Will you join us in helping to change lives today?

Together, let’s transform and restore the lives of our neighbors struggling to escape the streets. Equipping and empowering them to go beyond mere survival. And truly thrive in all areas of life.

Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for changing lives and making a lasting difference in our community!

Ryan’s Story

“Knowing I had a place to stay and food available honestly is what got me through. But, what I received beyond that, in the Mission’s recovery program, is what saved my life,” Ryan emotionally shares.

For many others like Ryan, the meals and shelter generous friends like you make possible are often a vital first step for neighbors in need to escape the streets, rebuild their lives and experience lasting stability, restoration and transformation.

“The Mission has done more for me than I ever thought possible. First and foremost, I found my faith again. For that alone, I could never pay them back. They don’t tell you how to live a good life. They show you how to recognize it yourself and make plans to continue living a better life,” Ryan gratefully shares.

Ryan now has a job and is working to restore family relationships. He’s moving forward in his life, has a bright future, and is healing - emotionally, physically and spiritually. He even hopes to eventually come on staff at the Mission to help others experience real, lasting transformation.

Compassionate supporters like you made Ryan’s story possible.

Today, you can play a vital role in the stories of so many others who are still experiencing homelessness and hurt. Desperate for an opportunity to change their life and step into a better future.

Terry’s Story

“God waited for me for 58 years. He brought me to the Mission. He gave me a firm place to stand,” Terry shares gratefully. Terry never fully knew the enduring love and grace that God has for him until he came to the Mission. While here, he joined our New Life Recovery Program. And found a powerful faith in Jesus! That was just the beginning. His testimony is still being written. Terry is working hard right now to put his addiction behind him and step into a better future. When Terry was just 14, his mom told him that he was the man of the house now — after she divorced his stepdad. Suddenly, Terry was treated like an adult and was expected to act like one. He didn’t have the chance to be a kid. But didn’t know what it meant to be a grown-up. “Most kids would go to the refrigerator and get a soda or a Kool-Aid,” he remembers. “I would get a beer. It’s what I thought a man did.” Drinking was just the start. In the following years, he was introduced to marijuana. Then crack cocaine. For the next three decades, no matter what he did, Terry couldn’t escape the downward spiral of addiction that he’d fallen into. He was desperate for a way out. At times, thinking death was the only option. “I used to pray for God just to take me. I just wanted to die,” he remembers with a heavy heart. As his despair continued to grow, Terry knew he needed a change. A whole new life. So, when he heard about the Tacoma Rescue Mission and joined our New Life Recovery Program, he hoped it would be his second chance. And it was! Terry was blown away by the support and love that he received here. “I’ve never been anywhere like this. It’s unreal,” he shares, astonished. “This place is nothing but love and grace. I mean, everything the Bible talks about. This place is bubbling over with it.” Terry now has a job as a driver and is about to Graduate the program in June/July.

Abi’s Story

As a kid, Abi witnessed first-hand how addiction can tear a family apart. She watched her dad fall victim to it. As he tried to cope with his own childhood trauma.

“My dad drank a lot and started getting into drugs,” Abi remembers sadly. “He became abusive. And it was getting progressively worse.”

Her mom left her dad when Abi was 15. Taking Abi and her brother with her to keep them safe. It was hard on everyone.

Eventually the family moved on. But, Abi never dealt with her own hurt and grief.

She later married her best friend at 19 years old. And they had a beautiful baby boy a year later.

Things were going well until depression, stress and anxiety crept in. To cope, Abi repeated what she had seen growing up. She drank. Soon, Abi’s drinking became all consuming.

“My drinking got to a point where I couldn’t manage life at all,”Abi recalls. “I couldn’t wake up without drinking. I couldn’t be a mother. I couldn’t be a wife. I couldn’t go to work.”

Abi’s husband finally had to give Abi an ultimatum. He told her that he loved her deeply but she couldn’t come home until she got help.For the sake of their son — who was living in fear of his mom.

Not knowing where to go, Abi ended up alone. Homeless. Hopeless.

That’s when she remembered a place called the Tacoma Rescue Mission. She and her husband had donated to them years before.

Abi came to the Mission hungry, hurting and looking for a changed life.

She got the help she needed by joining our New Life Recovery Program. In which, Abi had access to recovery care, mental health counseling, faith formation classes and more.

Abi stepped into a new life. She was sober. Healing from past hurt and trauma.

Even her relationship with her son was restored! He now sees her as a “rockstar” mom. Inspired by all she’s overcome.

“My son always tells me, ‘Mom, you’re the strongest person I know.’ To hear that from the child that used to be scared of me, it means the world,” Abi emotionally shares.

She’s even been able to give back by returning to the women’s New Life Recovery Program weekly to lead Bible studies, do arts and crafts and encourage the ladies there.

Abi knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without your generosity.

“Now I can be a mother. I can give back to society. I can live out the life God intended for me. I’m no longer broken and set aside. Thank you,” Abi shares gratefully.

Let’s Help Our Community!

Now through June 22nd we can come together and support TRM’s mission. Funds raised will provide care – including a night of safe shelter and warm meals – for one person in desperate need of safety, refuge and a life off the streets.

If you’d like to make a donation, please visit our fundraising page https://bit.ly/2S5GMxH