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Blog  ·  November 16 2023

2023 Abode Small Biz Bingo

2023 Small Biz Bingo

Support Small Business Saturday by playing our Bingo!

Abode’s Bingo encourages you to shop & snack locally, give back where you can, and offers lots of ways to share the season with friends and neighbors. Every “Bingo” will give an entry into our drawing for local prizes & gift cards.

If you want to play, get a card and start filling in the squares. Once you have a BINGO, let us know so you can be entered into a giveaway of items provided by local small businesses!

How to obtain a card

Our Bingo cards are available both as physical cards and digitally. Here are the ways to get a card and start playing:

1) Grab a physical card at one of our offices. Paper cards are available at the Old Town or Lakewood Abode offices.

2) Download a digital card. Contact us online (Facebook or IG) and ask for a card or click here to download a PDF version of the card.

How to turn in a BINGO

Once you get a BINGO there are two ways you can let us know:

1) Turn your completed card in to either the Old Town or Lakewood Abode office.

2) Tag us online along with a photo of your completed Bingo card (paper or digital) and photos of the completed activities/squares.


BINGO Entries

  1. Buy someone a cup of coffee, tea, or their favorite beverage at a local shop
  2. Visit a local Holiday Market
  3. Visit a local museum or gallery - or gift a membership!
  4. Selfie with favorite winter hat
  5. Send some snail mail
  6. Cruise some holiday lights
  7. Share a meal
  8. Show us your favorite park
  9. Purchase or craft a handmade gift
  10. Cold plunge in the Sound or in your yard!
  11. Small biz selfie
  12. Share a book recommendation
  13. FREE SPACE (make it whatever you want!)
  14. Attend a winter concert or play - karaoke counts!
  15. Support a local nonprofit
  16. Attend a play or live performance
  17. Bake a pie or seasonal treat
  18. Volunteer and spread sheer!
  19. Sip hot cocoa ( or a hot toddy!)
  20. Snow selfie - real or pretend
  21. Share your favorite holiday recipe
  22. Make and share a new playlist
  23. Table games on a rainy night
  24. Call someone you’ve been meaning to
  25. Read aloud to others

Get your bingo daubers, have fun, and spread some cheer! If you’re looking for some inspiration on completing these squares, check out out blog post.