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Blog  ·  October 15 2022

8th Annual Community Dinner Kits

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Melo Hogan & Kaitlyn Marty are back to talk about the 8th Annual Community Dinner Kits! Each year, we collect funds that help us provide families with a special dinner. We are so grateful for our annual donors and volunteers. We served over 150 families last year and our goal is to serve 200 families this year.


If you follow Melo on Instagram (@melohogan.realtor) you’ll discover that this busy mom and businesswoman always makes time to help her neighbors. In addition to working as a full time Realtor, Melo and her husband Steve pick up food from grocery stores and deliver it to their local food bank -- multiple times per week! You’ll also see Melo and her family making sandwiches for the Rescue Mission, which was where the “dinner kits” started 7 years ago.

“I wanted my family and I to go to the Rescue Mission to volunteer serving meals, but they already had enough volunteers.” Melo & Steve decided they were going to find another way to help, and the first dinner kit was created. The second year they helped two families, the third year (with the help of lender partners and generous donors) she helped five families and last year, she was able to serve seven families.

Melo constantly inspires us with her selflessness, so when we heard about the dinner kits we knew we wanted to help!


A dinner kit includes:

1 turkey, 1 box of stuffing, 1 carton of chicken stock, 1 container of crispy fried onions, 2 cans of green beans, a bags of potatoes, 1 large can of cream of mushroom soup, 2 cans of cranberry sauce, 1 bottle of sparkling cider and 1 pumpkin pie.


In 2021 we served over 150 families; this year our goal is to deliver 200 dinners. We are working with Tacoma School’s McKinney Vento program to identify families who would like a Dinner Kit. Want to get involved? Here are three easy ways you can help:


Each Dinner Kit is delivered inside of a sturdy banana box. If you have time to wrap some boxes (and room in your home to store them) we’d sure appreciate your help! Boxes can be picked up at your local grocer, and then wrapped in plain brown paper. We’ll have some extras if you’d like to pick them up and take them home to decorate! We just need the boxes delivered to us by assembly day, which is November 20th.

We wouldn’t be able to meet our goal this year without our donors - no amount is too small! Donations can be made via Venmo at communitydinnerkits253 🥧


If you’re able to help, by donating funds or volunteering - direct message or text Melo Hogan at 253-304-8058 or Kaitlyn Marty at 253.678.2449 🍴

Venmo at communitydinnerkits253 🥧

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!