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Blog  ·  May 13 2024

Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Month

May marks the observance of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month, a dedicated time to honor the cultural legacies continual contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities in the United States.

There are a variety of ways for everyone to engage and learn about the history and culture of the AAPI community. Here are a few local resources in the South Sound:

1. Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC)

Located at the heart of numerous community activities in Tacoma, APCC is a thriving center for cultural interchange and learning. They host a variety of local events that bridge community connections and foster a deeper understanding of Asian Pacific cultures. Check out their current activities and more at Asia Pacific Cultural Center.

2. KBTC Public Broadcasting

Operated by Bates Technical College, KBTC has compiled an essential collection of local stories, art, and history that showcase the AAPI community. Visit their webpage (KBTC AAPI Community Resources) for a treasure trove of educational and cultural content surrounding the AAPI community in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Washington State Historical Society

The Historical Society commemorates significant events in AAPI history, including the 7th Annual Japanese American Day of Remembrance. This event reflects on the impact of historical injustices and celebrates the resilience and cultural heritage of Japanese Americans. Details for this day can be found here.

4. Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park

Offering both a physical and virtual journey, the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park provides an opportunity to learn about the history and significance behind its establishment. A virtual tour available at Tacoma Chinese Park invites visitors to explore its serene landscapes and interpretative displays from the comfort of their homes.

5. Tacoma Public Library

Throughout the month, the Tacoma Public Library celebrates AAPI heritage with an array of events and literature resources suitable for all ages. This initiative not only supports education but also encourages community participation through the joy of reading and shared learning. Discover more about these offerings at Tacoma Public Library AAPI Heritage Month.

6. Kanopy Streaming Service

For those who enjoy exploring culture through film, Kanopy provides a fantastic resource. In partnership with public libraries and universities, Kanopy offers a plethora of free, ad-free films from its AAPI Collection. By creating a membership with your local library, you gain access to an expansive collection of films that highlight AAPI stories and artists. Explore the collection at Kanopy AAPI Collection.

Let’s take this time to engage deeply with our community and celebrate the strength and contributions of our AAPI communities!