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Blog  ·  January 15 2023

DIY Influencer Liz Morrow joins the insideABODE podcast

Season 8 of the insideABODE Podcast is underway, and we’re starting off with DIY Instagram Influencer Liz Morrow! Liz joins the show by way of Abode broker Nick Casanova...

Liz comes on to talk about her road to becoming an influencer, why she’s passionate about identifying as a DIY-er, and her upcoming event, the THIRD annual DIY Awards show!

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Follow Liz Morrow online:

Instagram: @liz.morrow

Website: Lizmorrowstudios.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizMo...

Follow Nick Casanova online:

Instagram: @la_casanova

Website: Nickcasanova.com