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Blog  ·  October 29 2023

The Sam Smith Fund: Helping to create more Black Homeowners

Contributions from every sale

In the Summer of 2020, Windermere was reckoning with a pandemic and systemic racism right alongside the rest of the country. It was during that time that the Sam Smith fund was created (read more about the beginnings of the program here). The fund is overseen by Homesight, which is the hub for many down payment assistance programs.

Part of what makes the Sam Smith fund unique is the income qualification. This program is specifically designed for borrowers making 80-120% of the AMI (area median income). These Buyers are often disqualified from traditional down payment assistance programs because they “make too much.” But with home prices and interest rates remaining stubbornly high in the greater Puget Sound area, almost every buyer needs some help getting their foot in the door.

Windermere Abode was the first office in the network to commit to a contribution at closing from every sale it participates in. This contribution is in addition to the contribution our brokers make to the general Windermere Foundation fund - which comes back to support a local organization in our community. (In 2023 we helped sponsor a house for Habitat for Humanity).

The fund contributes up to $12,000 towards closing costs and/or down payment assistance. So far more than $100,000 has been raised.

Find out more about Windermere’s commitment to diversity here: https://www.windermere.com/dei