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“Maia was like getting that one scratch off that pays you back tenfold! I highly doubt we were her easiest clients as we’re brand new homebuyers and the wife and I were pretty different in what we liked and didn’t like in houses.After viewing a plethora of possible future homes throughout a month or so Maia sent us all sorts of homes to look at, as well as scheduling appts and making time to walk through homes we found on our own. After we found the one for us she made the homebuying process about as easy as I imagine it can be. Kept us from worrying about anything and always keeping us up to date with what we needed to do for our lender and title company. She was there, 110% effort given and followed through on.Her communication with us was perfect (no joke) she was just about instantaneous with text responses and answering her phone. If she did have anything going on she would let you know ASAP so you know that she wont be available.My wife and I were so blessed to have landed her as our real estate agent. highly recommend!

Tim Auker