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Advisor and advocate, that’s who I work to be for my clients. Changing your housing situation can be a necessity, but is often a choice related to goals. My role is to help you assess what’s possible, and determine what the next good step toward a goal might be. Sometimes that means jumping in with buying or selling, sometimes it means a longer plan of working toward it; I’ll still be here when you’re ready! When we do work together, my strategy is not only to understand what makes a good offer in the current market and how to present it well, but also to act with calm and patience throughout transactions, approaching negotiations as a mediator, ensuring fair and positive outcomes for all parties with my own clients’ needs at the forefront. A practical knowledge of houses, gained through hands-on renovation work (as well as attending many inspections!) helps me serve buyers as we evaluate the condition of a home, and sellers as we consider which projects to tackle before putting a house on the market.

In my work as a Realtor and in my life in general I value respect, integrity, generosity, and kindness. I believe Tacoma at its best is a community of people who work to know, understand, and support each other across differences. Need help finding home here? I’m ready to partner with you along the way.




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“Michael Duggan’s practically perfect in every way. I enjoyed how knowledgeable and thorough he was, without ever being pushy. Also, we loved Michael’s genuine, trustworthy nature. He was chill, thoughtful, and enthusiastic in just the right ways. I would 100% recommend him to friends and family, especially professional folks in their 30s-50s. His wife, Gretchen, also added a lot of heart and soul into the marketing surrounding the sale.”
Phillip Price and Kirsten O'Hara, Tacoma

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April 16, 2021

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