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Root means to fix or implant by or as if by roots, to have an origin or base,to grow roots or take root, to wish the success of or lend support to someone or something.

Why work with Root?

Root is a dynamic pair of friends deeply embedded in the vibrant Tacoma community, offering a range of premium real estate services to first-time homebuyers, investors, individuals seeking raw land, homesteaders, and those interested in end of life planning. If you are seeking trustworthy, transparent brokers to guide you through some of life‘s most significant decisions, ROOT is here to advocate for you.

I found Aarde to be very professional and outstanding in helping me to understand both the housing market in the greater Tacoma area, and the home purchasing process. She did an excellent job in providing the understanding of the process steps all along the way. She is excellent in answering questions and very patient in answering repeated questions over time. When it came down to winning the final offer she provided the gentle push needed to get me over the top.


Kendra did an outstanding job representing us in buying our first home. We were shopping in a market where houses were selling way over list price and in short supply. Kendra kept us informed, worked fast to get us showings, and in the game when we wanted to give up. We ended up getting into a home that needed a lot of footwork to negotiate and bring to closing. She was always a text message away to answer our questions and keep us at ease with her positive attitude. We loved working with Kendra in our home buying adventure!