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Blog  ·  August 3 2023

Windermere-UW Aspire Internship and NAR Spire Mentorship Program

We believe that mentorship is essential for the success of our community and our brokerage! We are proud of our realtors for being engaged with the community and participating in programs that have a mission to make a difference. This year we participated in the 3rd year of the Windermere-UW Aspire Internship program as well the NAR Spire Mentorship program.

The Windermere-UW Aspire Internship introduces a small group of students from the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments to the real estate industry. During the 8-week internship, students gain valuable experience in all aspects of the business, including title & escrow, legal, lending, marketing and more. They also receive classroom instruction around topics like redlining and discrimination in housing.

UW rising seniors and juniors can apply for the program and preference is given to students of color and/or students who have experienced housing insecurity. In addition to a stipend during the Summer, participants receive a scholarship for the following school year from the Windermere Foundation.

At the end of the 8-week program, the cohort shares presentations they have been working on with Windermere Services and the participating owners.

We were so excited about the Aspire program when the idea was first introduced to us three years ago; it keeps getting better each year. The time we spend with the interns is really inspiring. They are majoring in a variety of disciplines and bring important perspective around the challenges — and opportunities — in housing.

Anne Jones

The NAR Spire Mentorship Program is a national program that matches real estate professionals with mentees from underrepresented groups for 12 weeks to learn about the industry, discuss their goals and provide them with hands-on experience. The mentors provide guidance and support to their mentees as they navigate their careers in real estate. Mentees have the opportunity to attend networking events, shadow open houses and committee meetings. Sherry Corney, from the Abode Lakewood office, became a part of the NAR Spire Mentorship Program to contribute to the development of rising talent.

Being a mentor in the NAR Spire Mentorship program has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. As a mentor, I have had the privilege of guiding and supporting aspiring individuals, witnessing their growth and transformation firsthand. Watching my mentees gain confidence, set ambitious goals, and overcome challenges has brought me immense joy and satisfaction. The opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with them, and witnessing their progress as they navigate their own paths, has enriched not just their lives but also my own. Being part of this program has reminded me of the power of mentorship and the importance of uplifting others, ultimately fostering a stronger and more supportive community within the NAR Spire Mentorship program.

Sherry Corney