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For more than twenty years now, I've had the privilege to be a part of people's stories when they bought or sold a home. My relationship with real estate runs deep. My grandmother owned a brokerage in North Bend, and I learned the trade from my aunt. I get to help you position your home in the market, highlight the unique touches that make a place special, watch for markers of well maintained homes, and help envision the future of a home, restored, remodeled, and loved. I'm passionate about finding what works best for a client and making that a reality.

When I come home, I am a mother and dancer. I am partner to a producer and artist, and my dog's name is Moses.





Overall rating by 29 customers on Real Satisfied

“Stephanie Spiro is an outstanding agent. First and foremost, she is responsive. If I ever had a question, or we needed to submit paperwork, Stephanie responded any day, any time, until it was taken care of. She is very analytical and has a good sense of the market. Once she formulated a plan and talked it over with me, she wasted no time assembling her crew of resources to get the marketing in place. Unlike my previous agent, she spared no expense in creating enticing, professional materials. She was equally adept at printed and digital marketing. Stephanie literally pulled together her photographer and stager in a couple days and had the house looking market-ready in no time. Throughout the sales process Stephanie was personally involved. She does work with a team, but she is in command of every detail, an d she always fielded my questions personally. Escrow went smoothly due to Stephanie’s choice of title companies and her attention to detail. I would strongly recommend Stephanie to anyone thinking of listing their home in the Tacoma area.”
Ellen Sato Faust, Tacoma


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