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Blog  ·  June 26 2020


You might be thinking of listing your home the Spring and wondering if staging is worth the investment? We sat down with Abode Broker Stephanie Spiro, to get her insight and help you overcome some of your objections.

“Staging to me is the seller’s opportunity to create an environment and almost tell a story.”

“My favorite stager that I get to work with in Tacoma - all the rooms that she designs, I want to grab a book and go fall asleep. I feel like it makes the home so much more than meets the eye.”

Stephanie sat down with Dave Jones to talk about the perks of staging your home, listen to the podcast here: https://windermereabode.com/podcast/abodeu-stephanie-spiro-on-staging

“Sellers feel like it’s an added cost to include staging in their home. Why do I really need to do this? Well the statistics support that when a home is staged, 50% of those homes sell for at least 10% more than the listed price. And there are some, if they are done very well, that sell up to 20% higher than homes that are unstaged or vacant. It’s actually a strategy that nets the seller more money at the end of the day.”


Stephanie listed this North Slope Historic District Home and it sold at almost 14% over the listed price. Strategic staging was definitely a key factor in making it shine online and in person.

“It also helps imagine what the space can be like. You’re overcoming objections from a potential buyer by creating a home and a cozy environment for someone to connect with your house and bond with it - they can envision themselves living there; the house sells itself.”

“Staging to me is the seller’s opportunity to create an environment and almost tell a story.”

Stephanie Spiro


If you’d like to speak to Stephanie more about getting your home staged and on the market she can be reached at 253-218-9258 | stephanie@stephaniespiro.com | https://windermereabode.com/bio/stephanie-spiro