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Hi, I'm Ian! I’m a dad, a skier, an investor, and a board game junkie. I love living in Washington, rooting for the Cougs and eating anything that comes out of Puget Sound.

I fell in love with real estate after realizing the huge impact it makes on all our lives and learning that I could optimize it in a powerful way to help me reach my goals and earn a degree of freedom that's hard to come by with other means of investing.

I caught the investing bug when my grandpa showed me a compound interest calculator, but quickly found that it’s hard to invest with little money and a lot of college debt. When I asked Google what to do, they showed me Bigger Pockets and the world of creative financing! A little over a year later, on the week of my 24th birthday, I closed on a 'house hacked' duplex using a portfolio construction loan with a $70k draw for renovations. After almost 12 months of renovations, I refinanced into a 30 year fixed and could practically live there for free! Although I've moved out, that duplex is now a big part of my portfolio that I've been able to leverage into picking up more rental property over the years. I'm so excited about the impact it's made on my life and I love working with newbie investors who are looking for help taking that first step.

If investing in real estate is a part of your goals list, let's grab a coffee and figure out the best next step!

“Ian is excellent. Highly recommend him. He helped us sell our house. He gave great advice on our strategy/pricing/etc which turned out to be spot-on. Beyond that, he is simply very good at what he does. Every step of the way....he is smart, diligent, and he’s a great communicator. He was always on top of things. He consistently broke the situation down so well. Literally couldn’t have asked for a better partner, experience, or outcome.”

Jason Rubottom, Port Orchard