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March 11, 2020

AbodeU: What is a VA Loan and How Do I Navigate Them?

The Duskin-Lane Team is back again with valuable information on VA Loans. Chris and George break down what it is, how do you attain one, loan limits, and more. If you have any pre-conceived notions about VA Loans, or potentially are eligible, you should give this episode a listen!

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March 30, 2021

Sell Your Home Series - Prepping To Sell for Top Dollar | Heidi Hurst Talks Pre-Listing

March 10, 2021

Talkin' Title with CW Title - Kim McGuire on the New CW Website

February 28, 2021

Black History Month Reflection: "The Police Murdered My Brother" | The Impact on the Family with Pearl Nelson

February 26, 2021

Black History Month Reflection: Should SROs be in Schools? The Intersection of Education and Policing With Educator Logic Amen

February 25, 2021

Black History Month Reflection: Choosing How I Identify | Jasmyn Jefferson on Identity and Impact

February 23, 2021

Black History Month Reflection: "Black" Doesn't Always Mean "African-American" | Daryl Crews Shares His Experience

February 22, 2021

Black History Month Reflection: Navigating a Bi-Racial Identity with Bernadette Ray

February 16, 2021

AbodeU: The Ins and Outs of Building an ADU in Tacoma | A Sit Down with Luke Shadduck

February 3, 2021

AbodeU: 2021 Market Outlook with George Lane

December 24, 2020

AbodeLife: Navigating Race, Home Ownership, and Being Young + Black In America During a Pandemic | Davon White & Loundyne Hare

December 15, 2020

AbodeU: Alternative Buying Situations and Strategies | Shelley Heck

December 7, 2020

AbodeU: CoStar Acquires Homesnap... What Does This Mean? | Greg Fischer Has an Idea

November 27, 2020

AbodeLife - The Opposite Side of Thanksgiving | A Conversation with Local Native/Indigenous Leaders

November 24, 2020

AbodeU - Q3 Pierce County Data with Allison O'Hagan

November 17, 2020

AbodeU - Buyers are Saving Money Purchasing a Home in 2020? | Jenny Wetzel Talks Interest Rates

November 10, 2020

AbodeU: Real Estate and Tech with Greg Fischer CTO of West + Main Homes

November 10, 2020

AbodeU - Real Estate and Tech with Greg Fischer CTO of West + Main Homes

October 26, 2020

AbodeLife: I Lived in a Haunted House for FIVE YEARS | Cristina Ross' Account of Living with Ghosts

October 20, 2020

AbodeU - Has COVID Changed the Way We View Open Houses? | AbodeLive! with Nick Casanova

October 12, 2020

AbodeU: How's the Market In Spokane, WA? | with Scott Wetzel, CEO/Owner Windermere Services Mountain West

October 7, 2020

AbodeU: Derrik Shockman Talks About How He Stays On Top of His Social Media

September 29, 2020

AbodeLife: State of Homelessness in Tacoma, How Can We Help? | Cristina Ross and Husband Jonathan Ross Share

September 21, 2020

AbodeU: Should I Sell My Home Even With an Election Looming? | Jordan Cain Weighs In

September 13, 2020

AbodeU: What About the Forbearance Market? | Sit Down with Ian Broadie

August 9, 2020

AbodeU: Tips and Tricks as a Realtor in This Crazy Summer | The Knicely Group Dishes on Strategy

August 4, 2020

AbodeLife: From an Immigrant to an LA Roofing Business, and Everything Between | A Sit Down with Nigel Chiddick

July 28, 2020

AbodeLife: Racism in Real Estate and Local Politics... What Now? | 2nd Annual Windermere Abode-Team Diva Crossover Event

July 19, 2020

AbodeU - How to Compete as a Buyer in Pierce Counties Summer Market | Derrik Shockman Provides Strategy

July 19, 2020

AbodeU - How to Compete as a Buyer in the Pierce County Summer Market | Derrik Shockman Provides Strategy

July 5, 2020

AbodeU - Buying a Home? Sit in on a Buyer's Forum co-hosted by LaTosha Thomas

June 28, 2020

AbodeLife: Class of COVID 2020 | A Sit Down with Educators on the Impact of COVID on the Classroom

June 15, 2020

AbodeU - Credit Repair Tips with Allison O'Hagan

June 7, 2020

A Reflection On the Times with Anne and Dave Jones

May 29, 2020

AbodeLife: Relocating to Tacoma | Cristina Ross Shares What You Should Know

May 29, 2020

AbodeU: Relocating to Tacoma | Cristina Ross Shares What You Should Know

May 5, 2020

AbodeU | From Brooklyn to Tacoma - Diary of First Time Home Buyer Levon Williams

May 5, 2020

AbodeLife | From Brooklyn to Tacoma - Diary of First Time Home Buyer Levon Williams

May 3, 2020

AbodeLife | A Fighting Chance... Inside the Mind of a Fighter | Former MMA Fighter and Coach Jamie Fletcher

April 30, 2020

AbodeU | 5 Tips to Help You Prep Your Home to Sell with Jenny Wetzel

April 28, 2020

AbodeLife | "Books (and a podcast) That Helped Me Through the Most Difficult Times In My Life" | Heidi Hurst

April 23, 2020

AbodeLife | Alison O'Hagan Shares Her Top 5 Hiking Trips In and Around Tacoma

April 21, 2020

AbodeLife | Weathering the Storm in Difficult Times as a Realtor | Stephanie Spiro

April 16, 2020

AbodeLife: The Knicely Group on Helping the Tacoma Rescue Mission During COVID-19

April 16, 2020

AbodeLife | The Knicely Group on Helping the Tacoma Rescue Mission During COVID-19

April 14, 2020

AbodeLife: 10K Step Challenge - Walking for Sanity with Derrik Shockman

April 14, 2020

AbodeLife | 10K Step Challenge: Walking for Sanity | Derrik Shockman

April 9, 2020

AbodeLife: How Has COVID-19 Impacted Our Food Banks? Melo Hogan Shares

March 19, 2020

AbodeLife: Why You'll Never Be a Rapper - Former Artist Josh Lefkowitz On The Inspiration Behind His Podcast

March 11, 2020

AbodeU: What is a VA Loan and How Do I Navigate Them?

March 4, 2020

AbodeU: The Pre-Approval Process Explained by the Duskin-Lane Team

March 1, 2020

Black History Reflection: Man of the Community Korey Strozier on Professional vs. Personal Dynamics While Emerging Professionally

February 29, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Entertainer/Speaker/MC Xola Malik Reflects on Black History Month, and the State of Hiphop Today

February 28, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Kevin Williams Sits Down to Talk Being Mixed and the Juvenile Justice System

February 27, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Mental Health, Opportunity and... a Little NBA Hoop with Tacoma Native Reynelda Solitaire

February 26, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Educator John Frazier on the Wealth Gap, Race in Education, and His Biggest Black History Month Inspiration

February 25, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Justina Johnson on Black History, Equity and Access in Tacoma Schools

February 24, 2020

Black History Month Reflection: Interdisciplinary Artist Barry Johnson Reflects on Culture, Black History Month

February 19, 2020

AbodeU: Life with a Work Wife - Kylee Hill & Shelley Heck Talk Work Wifing, Sumner & Lake Tapps

February 17, 2020

How's the Market? February 2020 Update

February 17, 2020

AbodeU; How's the Market? February 2020 Update

February 14, 2020

AbodeU: Love & Real Estate: The Knicelys and Duggans on Working Together as Married Couples

February 11, 2020

AbodeU: Have you Prepared a Will Yet For Your Family Members? Stephanie Spiro Talks About Her 'Wine and Wills' Event to Prep You!

February 11, 2020

AbodeLife: Have you Prepared a Will Yet For Your Family Members? Stephanie Spiro Talks About Her 'Wine and Wills' Event to Prep You!

February 4, 2020

AbodeLife: Family Ties - Jordan Cain Dishes on Nerd-dom, Life, and Working with Family

January 30, 2020

AbodeU: Building A Community From Scratch - Heidi Hurst Team Talks About How To Build Community

January 21, 2020

AbodeU: The 2020 Market - The Lane/Duskin Team Pull Out Their Crystal Ball

January 15, 2020

AbodeU: What Are the New Trends in Design and Construction for 2020? Allison O'Hagan Shares

January 7, 2020

AbodeLife: Looking Forward to 2020 with Anne and Dave

December 17, 2019

AbodeLife: A Sit Down with Anne and Dave Jones on Leadership

December 10, 2019

AbodeLife: Where are the Women of Color in STEM? - a Sit Down with Janet Phan, Founder of Thriving Elements

December 4, 2019

AbodeU: Authentic Community Engagement with Melo Hogan

November 29, 2019

AbodeLife: Realities of Owning a Small Business in Tacoma... Inside the Mind of Nick Casanova

November 26, 2019

AbodeU: Should You Move from Seattle to Tacoma? Nick Casanova Weighs In

November 19, 2019

AbodeU: "I Went from Redfin to Windermere Abode" - Why Kelee Kjack Made the Change

November 12, 2019

AbodeU: A Viable Option to Living in King County is... Kitsap County?

November 5, 2019

AbodeU: A Pierce County Luxury Market Exists? Sloan Hunter Breaks It Down

October 31, 2019

AbodeU: 'What is Included in Closing Costs?' with Jordan Cain

October 22, 2019

AbodeLife: Life After Cancer - Nate Henley Explains the Story Behind the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation

October 15, 2019

AbodeU: Winning Multiple Offer Situations with Ryan Knicely

October 8, 2019

AbodeU: Help! Getting Started In Real Estate as a College Graduate - Reid Grimm

October 3, 2019

AbodeU: New NWMLS Rule Change... Talking Selling Office Commissions (SOC) with Stephanie Spiro and Sloan Hunter

October 2, 2019

AbodeLife: "My Experience at a Historically Black College... as a White Woman"

September 24, 2019

AbodeLife: Quincy Henry aka 'QDot' on Starting a Coffee Business in Tacoma, and His Home Selling Experience

September 18, 2019

AbodeU: Home Inspection Tips With Michael Duggan

September 10, 2019

AbodeU: 4th quarter 2019 Market Update with George Lane (Guild Mortgage)

September 4, 2019

AbodeLife: Introverts in Real Estate Unite! Michael Duggan on Being an Introvert in Real Estate

August 26, 2019

AbodeU: The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent with Ryan Knicely

August 20, 2019

AbodeLife: Pregnancy, Work and Life Hacks - Jessica Knicely Shares Her Tips

August 13, 2019

AbodeU: Jessica Knicely Shares Her Secrets to Investing and Becoming an AirBnB Superhost

August 6, 2019

AbodeLife: 'I Lost 5 Months Of My Life' - Tacoma Native Katie Hunter's Fierce Recovery from Brain Trauma

July 31, 2019

AbodeU: Offer Accepted! What's Earnest Money? Kaitlyn Marty Explains

July 23, 2019

AbodeLife: Young, Black, and in Real Estate - Prince Alexander Shares His Experience

July 17, 2019

AbodeU: Got Insurance? A Quick Primer on Insurance with Lily Bhatia

July 11, 2019

AbodeLife: Being Gay in Tacoma - An Honest Discussion with Tacoma Native Marshall Samuela

July 9, 2019

AbodeU: Selling Your House in the 2nd Half of the Year? Sloan Hunter Lends Her Expertise

July 5, 2019

AbodeLife: The Warped Tour to Real Estate - Pearl Nelson's Journey to Real Estate

July 2, 2019

AbodeU: Top Tips on Buying a New Construction Home with Prince Alexander

June 25, 2019

AbodeLife: Exploring PRIDE Month with Team Diva Real Estate + Taylor Swift Hot Takes?

June 18, 2019

AbodeU: The Other Side of Tacoma Affordability - Jenny Wetzel Weighs In

June 12, 2019

AbodeLife: "I Worked For President Obama" - Devin Hampton's Crazy Journey into Politics and Energy

June 4, 2019

AbodeU: First Time Home Buyer? Kaitlyn Marty Provides Tips You Must Know

May 27, 2019

AbodeU: How to Live for FREE?! 'House Hacking' with Ian Broadie

May 20, 2019

AbodeLife: Puyallup to LA - Music Producer Phinisey on Taking Risks, Mindset, and meeting Pharrell

May 13, 2019

AbodeU: Buyers Tips in Today's Market + ALL Things Tacoma with Melo Hogan

May 6, 2019

AbodeU: Are Millennials Buying Homes? Reid Grimm Shares Generational Trends Stats

May 1, 2019

AbodeU: Affordable Housing option in Tacoma? Sloan Hunter Sits Down with DADU Homes

April 26, 2019

AbodeLife: Shelley Heck Meets Her Sister for the First Time

April 26, 2019

AbodeLife: Shelley Heck Meets Her Sister for the First Time

April 23, 2019

AbodeLife: Fitness Prep for Summer? Derrik Shockman gives insight on his fitness mindset

April 18, 2019

AbodeU: What is a VA Loan? Vet Ryan Knicely explains

April 4, 2019

AbodeU: Anne Jones taps the local realtor association

March 22, 2019

AbodeU: From Rock Band to Realtor - Michael Duggan on Jumping into Real Estate

March 5, 2019

AbodeU: How are you Building a Brand? Derrik Shockman tells all

March 5, 2019

AbodeLife: Ryan Knicely talks Race, Virginia and Ken Griffey Jr.

March 4, 2019

AbodeU: Deeper Dive into Fair Housing with Tina McLeod

February 28, 2019

AbodeU: Nancy Chapin on Building a Long Term Business as Your Authentic Self

February 23, 2019

AbodeLife: Work/Life balance? Stephanie Spiro opens up about marriage, kids, and houses

February 23, 2019

AbodeU: Stephanie Spiro on staging

February 20, 2019

AbodeU: What's Dual Agency? Sloan Hunter explains

February 20, 2019

AbodeU: CMAs, good agent karma & Concerts with Shelley Heck

February 20, 2019

AbodeU: Earthquake Insurance? Ian Broadie explains his experience